How it works

Upon your arrival


After our receptionist welcomes you, you will change into slippers prepared for you right at the entrance by the reception. Your own shoes will be left in a locker. You can also leave all your current worries there and let yourself be carried away by the pleasant atmosphere already in the reception room which was decorated by original Thai hand carved furniture in artistic style.


You will be welcomed by our receptionist who speaks at least Slovak and English. She will talk to you about your health condition, so we can make sure that you have read the contraindications of Thai massage published on our webpage, or in case you have not had a chance to visit our webpage yet.


The receptionist will explain the procedure of the massage and will introduce your masseuse /who can speak her mother tongue, simple English and some basic Slovak words necessary for the procedures/. The masseuse will lead you to the prepared room. She will lead you through the whole chosen procedure and after it she will take you back to relaxation zone in the reception room. Individual procedures are specific and you will find them explained in detail in individual products on our offer.


Please send any information on your satisfaction, dissatisfaction, ideas and suggestion for our management to The payment for services is possible in cash and also by credit cards.
Thank you for your understanding.

We also accept vouchers as : Ticket Compliments, Doxx plus, Cadhoc.

We are looking forward to your visit.