Complex regenerative treatment of whole body combined with the massage. The skin is first warmed up and the blood circulation is improved by massage and then the natural peeling is applied which removes dead keratin cells. We offer You several kinds of scrubs : coconut, chocolate, coffee, rice milk, green tea and lemongrass.

After the scrub is rinsed off, the skin is treated with collagen lotion as a final nurture.

Chocolate Scrub – softens, rejuvenates, smoothens and brightens up the skin. Delicious scent of chocolate releases stress and evokes hapiness.

Coffee Scrub – removes cellulite, forms the figure and improves the quality of skin

Coconut Scrub – for dry and sensitive skin which will be moisturized and beautifully scented with coconut.

We offer this massage at the Sheraton Hotel.


  • 90min.
    Complex regenerative treatment