Massage with hot Himalayan stones is an extraordinary cleansing and gently exfoliating ceremony for the whole body. Salt stones comes from the Himalayas and is one of the purest forms of salt in the world. Himalayan stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements including magnesium, potassium and calcium. At the same time, they rid the body of toxins and enrich it with valuable components of natural origin. When heated, salt stones emit negative ions that help create a sense of calm and deep relaxation.

It is a real detox for our body. The warm salt stones relax tense muscles, making the massage a wonderful relaxing experience, leaving the skin silky smooth, nourished and cleansed, but above all full of energy.

You can choose the intensity of the massage directly at the reception, or adjust it during the massage with the masseuse (please softer, please stronger)

It is recommended not to eat at least one hour before the massage.

The course of the massage

The therapist will take you to the massage room, where you will change into disposable underwear. After changing your clothes, you lie down on the massage table on your chest and cover your private parts with a prepared towel.

The massage begins with a light warming of the skin. Subsequently, the therapist will place heated salt stones in your palms. The 60-minute procedure includes massaging the entire back of the body with heated Himalayan stones. The 90-minute procedure is more thorough and includes a full body massage.

We offer this massage at the Sheraton hotel.


  • 60min.
    Massaging back of the body
  • 90min.
    Full body massage